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The Asian Wedding Magazine interview with Arinder Bhullar:

Leicester-based designer Arinder Bhullar reaped over a decade of hard work, as she scooped the Best Wedding Designer award at the International Asian Fashion Awards. It's a deserved achievement, and inspiring to other designers who didn't necessarily start out in the trade - she used to work in publishing. The Asian Wedding Editor's Guide caught up with the busy designer for a quick catch-up.

What sets your collection apart?

I only do bespoke outfits, which means they are unique and tailored to the bride. Style-wise, it's a mixed fusion. I tend to add traditional palettes and patterns to English bridal designs.

How many collections do you do a year?

I do two collections - spring/summer and autumn/winter. I've noticed that there are a lot more autumn/winter brides these days as venues tend to get booked up a lot faster than they used to. My winter collection this year features a lot of velvets, brocades and antique-looks, using darker shades.

Not every bride has the figure of a magazine model. What advice would you give to brides who are worried about finding the right shape to suit their frame?

The beauty of bespoke is that you work with the designer to find something that will suit you exactly. I've had clients of all sizes; some might have a small waist but wider hips. It really depends. Empire lines are great for cinching waists, and even though some women are worried about pulling off fish tails, if something is made to your figure, you'd be surprised how amazing it can look. 

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